The purpose of Vanguard Museum Navigator is to allow visitors to plan their own tours and navigate effortlessly around museums in an enriching and exciting experience. Visitors can plan a visit at home or at the museum. The Vanguard app could be used by museums of all varieties to provide the public with fast, easy-access information.

Preliminary research was done on-site at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where problems concerning navigation were identified. Observations brought to attention that plaques and additional information about art pieces were difficult to read by handicap visitors. It was also very easy for all visitors to slip into an aimless journey through the various exhibits often missing artwork.

The solution was to create an app that had the function of being a real-time guide an a museum visit planner. The real-time guide would allow visitors to know where they are in the museum and where they can explore. The trip planner would allow them to select what they want to see before starting their visit, as well as provide them with information about the work they will be seeing.